Upcoming Engagements

TEPSA Conference June 2009

"I was fortunate enough to attend an Eric Cupp seminar as part of my teacher in service training this year. He was hands down the best inservice presenter I have ever heard. I listened to him for about 6 hours and could have easily spent another 6 hours with him. His insights were right on target and his nature and delivery make him remarkably easy to listen to and follow. I truly hope to have more opportunities to learn from this dynamic speaker."

Eric Cupp Seminars features the speaking and consulting abilities of Dr. Eric Cupp. Eric is known across Texas as one of the states most dynamic and effective speakers. Furthermore, Eric is famous for his work with children. He works with kids from 1st to 12th grade. He has experience with honor students, athletes, and scholars, but his most popular work is with at-risk children, Eric works with kids in assemblies, small groups, and individually to build hope and inspire dreams and it works!

Dr. Cupp also consults with schools and businesses to bring about positive change in organizational practices and structures. Numerous organizations have gone from employee satisfaction rating of 2 to ratings of 9 in less than a year. Eric Cupp Seminars can even build a package for you in order to bring Eric to your workplace on a consistent basis throughout the year.